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The 2019 revenue from Greek tourism was 19 billion euros, whereas in total the
                      sector contributed to over 25% of the national GDP. These numbers highlight the
                      importance of the tourism sector for the Greek economy and society. In some
                      prefectures the dependence rate of the local economies on tourism reaches
                      97%!  Considering  that,  one  could  imagine  the  extent  of  the  damage  the
                      pandemic crisis inicts on our economy. Obviously this year will be very different.
                      Our goal is to keep the Greek tourist industry on its feet, so that we can capitalize
                      our comparative advantages next year.
                      2021 will be a milestone for tourism and, in general, for the Greek economy. I
                      believe it will be a year of strong recovery. Then we will capitalize on the work we
                      put in the containment of the pandemic and the safeguarding of our tourism
                      services. GNTO has already an action- plan for next year. We will strengthen our
                      presence in international tourism fairs and Expos, redesign our national tourist
                      portal ( ) and strengthen our digital campaigns. At the same time we
                      intend on running a branding campaign for Greece, with a focus on the rst four
                      months of 2021. Moreover, we work on accessing new markets and strengthen the
                      collaboration with international players in the tourism industry.

                      We proceed with caution and prudence, as the COVID-19 pandemic threat is still
                      real. The Greek government laid out a roadmap for the reopening of tourism,
                      starting from the end of May. With the opening of our borders we nd ourselves in
                      an extremely sensitive phase when we monitor the implementation of our health
                      regulations and welcome the rst arrivals to our regional airports. We consolidate
                      the safety of our tourism services and test them under the new conditions.
                      We will be safe as long as the health regulations are being followed. We know that
                      the Greek health system and Civil Protection have responded effectively in the
                      past months. We kept Greeks safe during the rst phase of the pandemic and now
                      we apply the same protection and safety to our visitors.
                      The data we receive from the targeted testing are encouraging. However, we do
                      not drop our guard for a moment. We monitor the situation closely and take
                      action whenever necessary. All in all, I believe we are on top of the situation. And it
                      is imperative that we keep up this performance until the end of this tourist season,
                      which will be our basis for 2021.
                      ASTA convention is always one of the most important global events of the world
                      tourism industry. Even if the circumstances are different, I strongly believe that you
                      will provide the same inspiration to professionals and policy-makers around the

                      Dimitris Frangakis
                      Secretary General, Greek National Tourism Organization
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