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We salute the American Society of Travel Agents and the great work it does in the
                      eld  of  travel  services,  which  is  characterized  by  effective  representation,
                      knowledge and professionalism.
                      Tourism  and  Greece  are  two  identical  concepts.  Greece  is  a  global  tourist
                      destination that gives ASTA members the unique opportunity to work with Greek
                      tourism  professionals  and  to  experience  unique  and  authentic  experiences,
                      coming in contact with the Greek tourism product.

                      This year, the situation is different and unprecedented for all of us. The coronavirus
                      pandemic hit the whole planet and inevitably our country as well. The Greek
                      government took all the necessary measures from the beginning and thanks to
                      the response of the Greek citizens we managed to maintain health security and
                      achieve the safe opening of Greek tourism.
                      For us, the goal of this year is quality and safety, not numbers. This will be our
                      guarantee for the coming years in order to maintain the trust of foreign tourist
                      operators and visitors.
                      The health protocols and the measures we take at the entrance gates of our
                      country are necessary for the health of all of us. Because our priority is the health of
                      both Greek citizens and visitors who will come to Greece and who must return to
                      their countries healthy.
                      The  unique  beauties  of  Greece  are  known  to  everyone.  Our  country,  with  its
                      thousands of islands, 16 thousand kilometers of coastline, one of the longest in the
                      world, but even more so with its rich history and culture, has always been an
                      attraction for tourists from around the world.
                      Greek  tourism  professionals,  especially  this  difcult  year,  with  a  high  sense  of
                      responsibility  and  duty,  already  offer  visitors  our  unique  hospitality  for  which
                      Greece is famous worldwide.

                      And we at the Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the experts and the co-
                      responsible Ministries, do everything possible to be open to anyone who chooses
                      to visit us, but at the same time to be safe. With targeted promotional efforts we
                      seek the successful expansion of the tourist season.
                      Because Greece is not only the sun and the summer. There are still very much
                      hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered. It is spa tourism, diving tourism and so
                      many others. It is a country that can offer quality tourism 365 days a year.

                      We look forward to welcoming our visitors from the US and around the world and
                      we promise that they will experience unique and unforgettable experiences in our
                      I wish you all the best in your efforts and in your creative work.

                      Haris Theoharis
                      Minister of Tourism
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