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Greetings! It is great to speak at the ASTA Convention again. I'll always remember
                      addressing your membership, two years ago, at the spectacular Herodion Atticus
                      Theatre here in Athens, at the shadow of the Acropolis. I'm sorry to having to do this
                      virtually this year, but I know everybody is working as hard as they can to get
                      through this exceptional period of the corona virus pandemic.

                      Those of us at the American embassy here, have been lucky; through this unusual
                      period, the Greek government has been very effective in its measures against the
                      pandemic  and  with  that  in  mind,  prime  minister  Mitsotakis  and  the  Greek
                      government are now working very hard to reopen the economy, including the
                      important Tourism Sector.

                      My wife and I had the opportunity so far this summer, to visit the Cycladic islands of
                      Syros and Sifnos and I can tell you that the water is as blue as ever, the food is the
                      same, the “philoxenia”, the Greek hospitality, is still remarkable and everybody in
                      Greece is working very hard, both to comply with the health measures that the
                      pandemic requires, but also to save what they can of the Greek Tourism Year.

                      I  hope  very  much,  for  my  fellow  Americans,  that  we'll  be  at  the  point  where
                      people will be able to travel again as soon as possible. I can promise you that
                      when  you  are  able  to  travel  back  to  Greece,  you  will  nd  a  fantastically
                      welcoming country, exceptional opportunities and experiences that will last a

                      So I wish everybody a healthy and safe summer; “kalo kalokairi” as the Greeks
                      would say and we look forward to seeing you here in Greece, hopefully not too

                      Thank you very much!

                      Geoffrey R. Pyatt
                      U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic
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