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Dear friends and colleagues,

                          Undoubtedly the economic effects of the pandemic will be at the top of our
                          business agendas for a long time, a fact that increases our responsibility towards

                          the industry we operate within.

                          Now, more than ever, building synergies and collaborations with tourist agents
                          and tour operators, is of the highest importance. The restart of the tourism sector,
                          both in India and Greece, constitutes a collective effort, a synergy, combining the

                          strengths of individual service providers to offer tourists a complete quality-wise
                          product.  Hopefully, such kind of collaborations at the time of the pandemic era,
                          will allow us to overcome the hardships and have an outcome that will continue to

                          propel our industry forward.

                          There is no doubt that national economies – let alone the global economy as a
                          whole – are currently in a deep shock, following this crisis.  Considering the
                          change in the travelers' mindsets about the safety of a destination, as well as the

                          financial insecurity that looms after the pandemic, devising a national and global
                          strategy on the restart of the tourism sector is of the essence. Travel advisers
                          must not be absent from this effort, since travel companies can provide
                          expertise and tools as responsible contributors, towards the reboot of the sector
                          in the short and medium term and the creation of a more resilient and sustainable

                          model in the long term.

                          We will be pleased to meet you again in Greece. We know that you, our friends in
                          India, already consider Greece your home and that we are ready to make strategic

                          plans together. Greece is an inexhaustible source of new product combinations
                          for travelers around the world. We are here to collaborate, create new plans and

                          Lysandros Tsilides
                          President FedHATTA

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