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Health first. This has been our imperative since the onset of the COVID-19
                          crisis. And I am proud to say that we have been successful. The Greek
                          government designed detailed health protocols, in consultation with the

                          leading experts. The protection measures have been implemented
                          professionally, consistently and credibly by the businesses and the Greek
                          state, since the reopening of borders in July of 2020.

                          My clear message as the Secretary-General of the Greek National Tourism

                          Organisation is that this summer Greece managed to keep its visitors safe,
                          by implementing all health protocols in tourism.

                          The South Asian market, and in particular the Indian market, is a new
                          dynamic and exciting field for the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Greek

                          National Tourist Organisation. We are looking forward to enhancing our

                          I hope to see you soon in my beautiful country. Stay safe.

                          Dimitris Fragakis
                          Secretary General
                          Greek National Tourism Organisation

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