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Dear participants,

                          First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in Greek Tourism and let you know
                          that Greece, despite all the difficulties that Europe faces towards Covid-19, has managed
                          to welcome visitors, providing an exceptional Greek Summer.

                          Greece’s identity and its comparative advantages represent a country which contains
                          many other ‘countries’, in the sense that it offers a wide array of choices. And by that, we
                          mean many and different options for international travelers and that is an essential
                          advantage that every investor and tour operator should take seriously.

                          The international visitor along the years is familiar with the Greek tourism products and
                          services and our effort is to upgrade our tourism industry and offer the best experiences
                          to all kinds of travelers.

                          Adding quality to the mass tourism products and services and unlocking the potentials
                          of special interest tourism fields such as cultural, gastronomic, athletic, etc, is a
                          guarantee that Greek tourism can handle crises like the recent one of the Covid-19.

                          Also, introducing smart technologies and innovations, in order to achieve the right
                          balance between attracting visitors, quality management and safety, is the key for a
                          successful tourism development that is productive for businesses and local
                          communities, especially at these difficult times.
                          Our goal is to promote sustainable tourism growth, responding to the global trends and
                          also giving a strong push to Greece’s potential for multiple tourism products and
                          services all year long.

                          Greece’s advantage towards other countries in the Mediterranean is its hospitality,
                          safety, clear waters, gastronomy, and range of activities which combine together, a
                          remarkable destination.

                          Following this direction, the Ministry for Tourism, the GNTO, and the Local Authorities
                          are cooperating for a new strategic plan for the Greek Tourism Industry, and during the
                          course of 2020 have proved that not only we fulfill the health and safety requirements,
                          but we offer high quality tourism services all around the year and all around the country.

                          With these words I wish you a productive cooperation, for both India and Greece!

                          Angela Gerekou
                          President of Greek National Tourism Organization

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