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We will Meet Again Here in Attica

                          Dear travelers,

                          Standing here in the heart of Greece, the Acropolis rising up behind me and the
                          coming months of the pandemic lying ahead of us, I would like to assure you that we
                          will Meet Again Here in Attica.

                          Here, at the administration of the Attica Region, we take our role as hosts of this
                          region very seriously and we fortify our efforts to keep Healthy and Safe the
                          Destination Attica, an eternal Metropolis of the world and the birthplace of Western

                          During the previous 5 months we did our best to keep the walls of immunity within
                          our region, strong, and ensure that the citizens of Attica behave in a focused and
                          responsible way, in order to safeguard Public Health, and the World Health Village.

                          Traveler's Health is our priority, as is the Wellness, provided by the Attica land and its
                          wonderful climate and clear blue sky.
                          Health Tourism is also our top priority, and we design the creation of a Global Health,
                          Wellness and Greek Hospitality Village, aiming to strengthen the Authenticity of the
                          destination, and provide the possibility of Rejuvenation and Healing to world travelers.
                          I am convinced that Health Travel would be the strongest comparative advantage of
                          the region at the post-COVID-19 era.

                          We remain vigilant and optimistic for the short-term and long-term future of Tourism
                          in Attica.

                          We put emphasis on Culture and we keep transforming the region, utilizing its
                          multiple tourism and Alternative Tourism options, as well as its coastline, the famous
                          Athens Riviera and the beautiful islands of Attica in the Saronic Gulf.
                          Above all, we do not forget that tourists and visitors form all around the world keep
                          Athens and Attica as a Dream Destination in their hearts and mind, a destination
                          worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.
                          “Nostalgia for Attica”, which became even stronger this year for millions of visitors
                          who had to postpone or cancel their trip due to pandemic travel restrictions, will bring
                          you back to this place, for a travel experience unforgettable, exciting and unique.

                          Giorgos Patoulis
                          Attica Regional Governor
                          President of Athens Medical Association
                          Vice President of European Committee of Regions

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