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Greece is a 365-day destination.
                                              Come share it with us.

                                              Athens  welcomes  the  ASTA  Destination  Expo  on  April  14-17,  2018.  The
                                              conference's mission is to enable you with the skills and resources needed to
                                              effectively present new destinations to your clients.

                                              This year come to receive first-hand training from the local experts during
                                              Greece's education sessions, connect with over 60 leading travel suppliers from
                                              Greece  via  specialized  tradeshows  and  B2B  meetings,  experience  Greece
                                              through  exclusive  FAMs  and  sightseeing  tours  to  Crete,  Rhodes,  Meteora,
                                              Thessaloniki etc., visit the unique ruins of the Acropolis Museum, Herod Atticus
                                              Amphitheater and much more.

                                              Greece's landscape diversity from the mountainous mainland to the 6,000
                                              islands, makes it the ideal destination 365 days a year. Every season in Greece
                                              is special. In summer, the sea and its secrets are waiting to be explored. In
                                              autumn, nature's endless beauty heals and rejuvenates the body and the soul.
                                              In winter, discover the mountainous slopes with the 3,000 villages climbing
                                              from earth to heaven. In spring, miles of memories, a feast for the senses, bring
                                              us all together to dance and sing and celebrate.

                                              Americans love Greeks for their warmth and hospitality, their humor and
                                              tolerance, their hard work and education. For the last 3 consecutive years
                                              Greece remains among the top destinations for the Americans, showing 40%
                                              increase of US travelers in 2017 comparing to the previous year! On the other
                                              hand, the US market remains a top priority for the Greek Minister of Tourism,
                                              Ms.  Elena  Kountoura,  and  a  strategic  marketing  audience  for  the  Greek
                                              National Tourism Organization and the Greek Ministry of Tourism. GNTO
                                              operates an office in NY, located at 800 3rd Avenue, 23rd Floor, New York, NY
                                              10022, able to assist you at all times, in any way possible.

                                              Visit Greece for a lifetime experience. The ideal destination for meeting people
                                              and exchanging ideas with its unique history and insuperable culture, the local
                                              gastronomy, the wine tours and routes of the olive trees, the luxury of simplicity,
                                              the snowy mountain peaks, the forests, islands, rivers, seas and its hidden
                                              underwater world will delight your senses.

                                              This is our Greece. Come and share it with us!

                                              Konstantinos Tsegas
                                              Secretary General
                                              Greek National Tourism Organization

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