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Dedicated to mastering the craft of       Grecotel is part of the N. Daskalantonakis
                             welcoming luxury in the hospitality industry,   Group of Companies, which includes among
                             Grecotel Hotels and Resorts, the leading   others city and resort afliated hotels, the
                             hotel chain in Greece, delivers sophisticated   Agreco traditional farm and line of products
                             lifestyle experiences for travelers in the   from Crete and the Danilia traditional village
                             country's most beautiful destinations.    and museum in Corfu. Having been
                                                                       awarded with over 2000 international awards
                             Inspired by its superb beachfront location,
                                                                       by guests and the most prestigious
                             each of the 30 luxury hotels and resorts in the
                                                                       international tourism organizations, Grecotel
                             Grecotel collection all over Greece, is a
                                                                       Hotels and Resorts are mostly proud of its
                             unique architectural experience in itself and
                                                                       people: reliable, kind and welcoming, they
                             a paradise of opulent amenities, gourmet
                                                                       have been our loyal companions during our
                             restaurants and luxurious, well thought-of
                                                                       40 year journey in Greece's most exciting
                             details, all embodying the essence of the
                                                                       luxury travel story.
                             genuine Greek hospitality.

                                                                                       G R E E C E  O N  A I R
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