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Dear Members and Delegates of the ASTA Annual Convention,

                                              A warm welcome to all of you, on behalf of AEGEAN.

                                              We are very pleased to support this convention, since the cooperation between
                                              the  Associations  of  Travel  &  Tourist  Agencies  of  USA  and  Greece  is  very
                                              important to us. We are aware that Greece is one of top destinations for US
                                              travelers and we are very happy indeed to participate.

                                              AEGEAN  consistently  supports  initiatives  to  promote  incoming  tourism  in
                                              Greece. We achieve that through synergies and seamless cooperation with local
                                              authorities  and  institutions  operating  in  the  tourism  industry  in  order  to
                                              promote our country. Under this scope, we showcase the little secrets across
                                              Greece, we promote our culture and local products. Our goal is to provide the
                                              visitor a unique travel experience and give him an onboard taste of Greece before
                                              he arrives to his destination.

                                              Our continuous investment to expand our international network, proves our
                                              commitment to increase the incoming tourism in Athens, in the Greek islands
                                              and the country’s mainland.

                                              In line with this, our 2018 timetable includes a network of 153 destinations,
                                              122 international in 44 countries and 31 domestic. We operate with one of the
                                              youngest fleets in Europe, comprising 61 aircraft, having invested in 42 new
                                              aircraft in the past 10 years, including the delivery of 7 additional Airbus
                                              A320ceos during 2015-2016. Also, AEGEAN in cooperation with Olympic air,
                                              covers the remote airports in Greece.

                                              In 2017 we carried a total of 13.2m passengers, 6% higher than 2016. In 2018
                                              we continue our growth having added 18 new Int. destinations and some 700k
                                              additional seats.

                                              We in AEGEAN are focused on the continuous improvement of our service across
                                              all stages of the customer journey and we are very pleased that our inflight
                                              service has been recognized by the passengers who voted us seven consecutive
                                              years as Best Regional Airline in Europe in the Skytrax World Airline award

                                              I wish you every success in your convention, we look forward to exchange views
                                              and identify new opportunities for cooperation.

                                              Have a pleasant stay in Athens.

                                              Dimitrios Gerogiannis
                                              CEO Aegean Airlines

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