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Stronger Together

                                            It is with great pleasure that the board of FedHATTA and I welcome the members
                                            of ASTA for the 2018 ASTA Destination Expo in Athens. We are delighted to have
                                            you as our guests and look forward to showing you all the treasures the Greek
                                            tourism industry has to offer you and your clients back home. We are particularly
                    pleased to sit down together as travel agents. As agents we have the power of local knowledge, and online
                    booking can never replace the service and knowledge of the seasoned travel agent.

                    A classic destination and an unrivaled brand, Greece has welcomed American visitors for centuries. Early
                    American travelers to Greece came to see for themselves the monuments of the ancient democracy that had
                    inspired the American founding fathers. Today, the Classical architecture and archaeological sites of Greece
                    remain a major draw, but our beautiful coasts, with their gleaming white villages and crystal-clear waters have
                    equally become a must-see for visitors. Unlike the days of old, you can now find luxury amenities in all corners of
                    Greece, and visitors are discovering more of what the country offers, such as natural spas, sports, yachting, and
                    the famous Mediterranean cuisine.

                    FedHATTA has spearheaded initiatives to expand the 365-day experiences for visitors with its Dodeka platform,
                    which in cooperation with our partners, aims to highlight the hidden treasures of Greece. The mild Greek
                    climate, the astonishingly varied geography of the country, and its long and rich history make the tourism
                    possibilities in Greece almost endless. You can snowboard down the mountain of Zeus, run a marathon on the
                    original route, play golf in winter, follow in the footsteps of St. Paul, explore the unique Greek wines, or
                    experience the time-honored traditions of the olive harvest. Eco-tourism, MICE, active holidays, yachting,
                    gastronomy, wildlife preserves, or culture, whatever your inclination, you can find it in Greece.

                    Another axis in FedHATTA's activities is to forge and expand international cooperation in the tourism industry.
                    Only by exchanging ideas and knowing each other's markets can we move the industry forward and provide the
                    best possible service to our clients. We see the ASTA Destination Expo as a groundbreaking opportunity to get to
                    know your priorities and build lasting relationships for fruitful cooperation now and in the future. We hope to
                    expand  opportunities  for  American  travel  professionals  to  take  FAM  trips  to  Greece,  and  meanwhile,  in
                    partnership with ASTA and Northevents, we will be coming to see you with a roadshow in May, going to New
                    York, Boston and Washington D.C., and also at important US tradeshows.

                    We hope that you will explore and enjoy all that our beautiful country has to offer and become true friends of
                    Greece, in the spirit of the longstanding friendship and shared values of our two countries. We wish you a
                    successful and enjoyable Destination Expo, and look forward to welcoming you, your families and your friends
                    in Greece again in the future.

                    Lysandros Tsilidis,
                    President, FedHATTA

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