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Welcome to ASTA's Destination Expo:
                                              Athens, Greece

                                              ASTA is pleased to welcome all of our delegates to Athens, Greece, for what
                                              promises to be one of the most spectacular Destination Expos in recent memory.

                                              As the leading advocate for travel advisors, the travel industry and the traveling
                                              public - we've been giving our members hands-on destination training around
                                              the world for over 85 Years. Our mission is to facilitate the business of selling
                                              travel through the sort of shared knowledge and industry expertise you'll get

                                              right here in Greece.  We couldn't have picked a more beautiful destination to
                                              continue this journey, or be blessed with more gracious hosts.

                                              This packed program is designed to help you grow your business, further your
                                              destination expertise and bring you together with the top suppliers from this
                                              great region at our sold-out tradeshow.

                                              At ASTA, we're committed to making the world your classroom, providing you
                                              with a cultural immersion you need to create unique, custom experiences for

                                              your clients. By forming industry relationships through comprehensive and
                                              unique onsite destination training, you'll walk away with expertise of the sort
                                              you simply can't find online.

                                              ASTA  Destination  Expo  is  not  "just  a  conference."  Through  pre  and  post
                                              familiarization  trips,  sightseeing,  and  education  sessions  curated  by  local

                                              destination  experts  specially  designed  for  travel  advisors,  in  addition  to
                                              networking opportunities and a robust tradeshow full of local suppliers, ASTA
                                              Destination Expo 2018 will arm you with the insider knowledge you need to

                                              sell your clients on a Greek experience a step above what they could get on their
                                              own. You'll walk away with business relationships, local contacts and first-
                                              hand travel stories you can share with clients for years to come.

                                              Thank you for joining us in Greece for ASTA Destination Expo 2018. I for one
                                              am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones this week!

                                              Zane Kerby,
                                              President & CEO, American Society of Travel Agents

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